Norfolk County Council is encouraging people to keep a close eye on the weather forecast over the next 16 hours and be ready to react, as strong winds from Storm Aileen are predicted to hit parts of Norfolk overnight and peaking between 5 – 6am tomorrow morning. Following an amber weather warning from the Met Office, we would urge highway users to take extra care on the roads tonight and tomorrow as there may be fallen trees and branches about. NCC Highways has increased the number of emergency crews working tonight to six to help deal with any issues caused by the high winds. Conditions are likely to make everyday life more difficult for some people in Norfolk. Our highways team is well-practised at dealing with wet and stormy weather and they will work around the clock if needed to keep the roads as clear and safe as possible, but people should still be prepared for potentially hazardous travel conditions. I would urge everyone to keep up to date with the latest weather and travel information so they can make an informed decision about the conditions before they travel anywhere. Please also consider checking on older or vulnerable relatives and friends who may find it harder to cope during wet and wintry weather.” If you have to make a journey during wet and stormy weather, the council’s road safety team has the following advice: * Always drive to the conditions – slow right down and brake gently when road surfaces may have less grip. * Leave plenty of extra time to make your journey – ‘drive to arrive’ and don’t take unnecessary risks. * People may want to plan their route to avoid any steep hills in wet or windy weather – rear wheel drive cars in particular can struggle with traction when driving uphill.

from Tom Garrod

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