Over half of Norwich NDR on course for completion this year The early opening of up to 14km of Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR – A1270) is recommended to Councillors in a report to Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development and Transport (EDT) Committee, which meets on Friday 15 September*. At the western end of the 19.5km route, construction has reached the stage where the final surfacing is underway between the A1067 Fakenham Road and the A140 Cromer Road, with crash barriers already going up along the central reserve. If the good progress being made on the NDR/Cromer Road junction is maintained, this section could be ready for traffic by the end of October or early November. There is also the potential for the road to be complete all the way from the A140 Cromer Road to the A1151 Wroxham Road by the end of the year (2017). Most of the carriageway base is now ready for asphalt surfacing, with the base layers already down on much of this section, and final surfacing to start between the B1150 North Walsham Road roundabout and A1151 Wroxham Road. Progress is now being made in a number of places, such as Bullock Hill (north of Norwich Airport), Quaker Lane, and Buxton Road, where utility services (gas mains and sewers) and access requirements have been ‘plugs’ preventing the work needed to establish a continuous carriageway. Completion of the A140 to A1151 section by the end of the year also depends upon major work at the site of the A1270 NDR/A1151 Wroxham Road roundabout, where a nine day closure, starting late on Friday 6 October, reopening on Monday 16 October, is needed to construct a deep drainage culvert. Much of the work to construct the new roundabout will be carried out at the same time. Martin Wilby, Chairman of the EDT Committee, said: “It’s excellent news that parts of Norwich Northern Distributor Road will be ready for traffic by the end of the year, with some on course to be complete well before Christmas. However, opening part of the route could have knock-on effects on existing roads, and I am sure that before giving their approval Committee members will want to be sure that the measures proposed to protect communities such as Weston Longville are adequate. “On the other hand, delaying the opening of any completed section would be very hard on road users who have put up with months of disruption. What we can all look forward to is completion and opening of the whole of the NDR next spring (2018), on or very close to the original programme.” The report concludes that, with measures in place to reduce the impact of localised traffic issues and continued monitoring until the whole road is complete, it is possible to open NDR from the A1067 to A140, and A140 to A1151, as they become available

from Tom Garrod http://ift.tt/29b5HXB

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