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EDP Letter: Poor Priority

TOM GARRODConservative County Councillor for Wroxham Division

I write in response to your article “MP launches parliamentary bid to make cannabis legal” (EDP March 24) to say how disappointed I am that as an ex health minister Norman Lamb has decided to make this his priority.
Although he makes a compelling argument that we are putting cannabis in the hands of criminals by outlawing the substance, he compares it to alcohol. While I don’t condone alcoholism, we live in a society where there are alcohol outlets, in the forms of pubs and clubs, right across our county; will Mr Lamb’s proposal create a similarly sized and regulated market for cannabis?
Furthermore, whilst I fully accept that Mr Lamb’s sincerity and personal experience on this issue is commendable, rural Norfolk faces challenging issues in terms of digital connectivity and a care crisis due to the county’s changing demographics over the next few years; I can’t help but think that as a representative of Norfolk Mr Lamb’s focus on this issue is misplaced.


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