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EDP Letter: Extra Cost for Staff

TOM GARRODConservative County Councillor for Wroxham Division
In response to your article “Anger over car parking charge move” (EDP, August 25th) it is absolutely abhorrent a) that this is even a serious proposal and b) that Labour (the party who claim to be for working people) is blindly supporting this.

For me the argument is very simple. When you accept a job offer you consider the salary, hours, commute, and any extra costs and you then evaluate weather or not the salary is adequate to justify accepting the job. This unbelievable proposal puts an extra and unavoidable cost to thousands of Norfolk County Council staff; effectively cutting salaries via the back door. The irony of this is that this is currently being championed by George Nobbs and his fellow Labour County Councillors who have appeared to abandoned their principles in pursuit of power at County Hall.

As a County Councillor, I will vote against this proposal at every opportunity I have and I urge fellow County Councillors from across the political spectrum to do the same.     

EDP Letter: Service is Vital

TOM GARRODConservative County Councillor for Wroxham Division
In response to your article “Town facing bank closure and threat of bus service reduction” (EDP, August 10) I share Norman Lamb’s frustration at the planned reduction of the Number 12 bus in two of the villages I represent; namely Salhouse and Rackheath.

As a frequent bus user myself I am acutely aware of how much of a vital lifeline to elderly and disabled people this service is, depending on this to get into the city and to often travel further afield. Without such services, people face being rurally isolated and cut off.

I was pleased to be informed last week that the County Council is already working with other bus companies to see if their services can be adapted to fill the void, and I will do my utmost to support these talks to ensure that people in Salhouse and Rackheath are able to travel as frequently (if not more) as they are now.  

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