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EDP Letter: Protect Our Villages



In response to to Dan Grimmer’s article (EDP, 4 March) about Elizabeth Truss’ request to undertake a review  of the county’s route hierarchy; I asked the question of the County Council’s Environment, Development, and Transport Committee Chairman at their meeting on 13 March. I am happy to support Elizabeth Truss’ plea as one of the villages that I represent, namely Salhouse, which is on two designated HGV routes – one to Rackheath Industrial Estate and one for sugar beet traffic from North Norfolk to the factory at Cantley. As a result the HGV traffic through Salhouse is horrendous at times, especially round the notorious Bell Corner. 

With the likely construction of the NDR in coming years, these routes should become redundant, but only if the current HGV designated routes are scrapped and traffic is compulsorily diverted onto the NDR. 

The Chairman informed me that a county-wide review would cost in excess of £100,000 which would have to be weighed with against other Council priorities. However, I am very grateful that the Council informed me that it is their policy to carry out a localised  review where a major infrastructure project is introduced. This is fantastic news for the villages of Wroxham, Salhouse and Rackheath, which I represent; as it will ensure that the full potential of the NDR is realised in diverting Heavy Goods Vehicles from the centres of those villages.


My question to County Council’s Transport Committee regarding a review of roads in Norfolk that are unsuitable for HGVs

The Chairman will be aware the Council’s route hierarchy has not been reviewed for nearly 15 years and of the recent request by Elizabeth Truss MP to undertake the review.

In light of improved infrastructure, and plans for future improvements and developments, will the Chairman commission this review, with particular reference to looking at opportunities for HGV movements to be made via new routes, such as the NDR, rather than passing through villages like Salhouse and East Harling which are struggling with these traffic movements?

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