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My letter in today’s EDP: Hard to Believe


In your article “Cuts will go ahead after County Hall budget finally gets though” (EDP, 17 February) you refer to the Alliance that is running County Hall as consisting of Labour, UKIP and Liberal Democrats; and not the Greens. In fact, the majority of the meeting was about the Greens feeble attempt to distance themselves and deny that they are any part of the Rag, Tag and Bobtail Alliance that is running County Hall. However, both at the 2013 and 2014 Annual General Meetings they unapologetically voted for Labours George Nobbs to become Leader of the Council. What is more incredible is that the Greens have been rewarded for their votes by being given the two positions of Deputy Chairmen of the Adult Social Services Committee and the Children’s Services Committee! Surely they find their positions untenable as they are principally unable to support a budget proposed by the Labour Leader of the administration they are part of? Or was their nay vote on Monday just merely politicking to show their distance from Labour ahead of the looming Norwich City Council elections?

Furthermore, Mondays shenanigans also illustrated the political fragility of George Nobbs’ administration and the lack of cross party political buy-in to his regime that is therefore incapable of being brave; and radical; and giving people the real strong political leadership that Norfolk expects in these tough times of austerity as the parties are so ideologically different and explains why they are so recklessly and unsystematically slashing services.

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