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EDP Letter: Why the secrecy?

Conservative Norfolk County Councillor for Wroxham division

I read with astonishment George Nobbs’ pathetic defence of his Cabinet’s behind closed doors decision to give £700,000 of taxpayers’ cash to help Age UK Norfolk with their pension deficit (EDP, 1st December).
This whole secretive shenanigan is hypocritical of a Labour Leader who got elected on the promise of bringing “Openness and Transparency” to Norfolk County Council.
He attacks the former Conservative Cabinet Member for failing to “address the issue when she had chance to do so”…. However, the previous Conservative administration at County Hall had the strength to say no to Age UK Norfolk when approached. This wasn’t in any way a dismissal of Age UK Norfolk’s need, but a recognition of the hundreds of other Norfolk charities struggle in these times of austerity – and a judgement of fairness; especially at a time when Cllr Nobbs’ administration is cutting grants to the voluntary sector.
Which leads to the question – why did Cllr Nobbs’ and his Cabinet see Age UK Norfolk more worthy than many other charities in Norfolk who are also finding it difficult to keep their heads above water? Perhaps there should be an investigation into the individual Cabinet Member’s personal links to Age UK Norfolk to establish why it was judged that Age UK Norfolk’s plight was greater!

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