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What do you get if you vote Liberal Democrat?

I could not believe my eyes when I read Norman Lamb MP’s comments at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference.
With his first breath he said that he did not find the Labour leader Ed Miliband Prime Ministerial, which is fair enough, particularly after Labour’s underwhelming Party Conference last month. However, with his second breath Mr Lamb then doubts “It doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen…”
This conflicting non-committal statement from someone who is in the running to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats is a strong indication of the absolute mess the Lib Dems are in both locally and nationally.
At their conference in Glasgow, their whole strategy seems to be to wait to see and frankly hope for a hung parliament after the next General Election so that they can become kingmakers to the party that wins the most seats. There’s no idealogical principle involved… which I guess is why Mr Lamb had to quickly backtrack on his derogatory comments towards Ed Miliband.
Meanwhile, back in Norfolk Liberal Democrat County Councillors are more than happy to prop up Labour’s George Nobbs as leader of Norfolk County Council whom they not only voted for to elect, but voted for to re-elect the following year.
It is unknown weather it is this, national politics, or a mixture of the two that has lead at least 2 Liberal Democrat Councillors on Broadland District Council to become independent as well as another to stand down from the council earlier this summer.
Whether you are electing a party to run a local council or a national government, people like to hold political parties to account on the manifesto on which you elected them. There is now such variance in what the Liberal Democrats stand for locally and nationally, do you really know what your getting by voting for them?

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