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Revolutionary business to be primary tenant at former RAF Coltishall

Revolutionary business to be primary tenant at former RAF Coltishall

Pioneering Norfolk business Vitromite Ltd, which uses reprocessed UK glass to create building components, has submitted a planning application to become a tenant at former RAF Coltishall.

In a move that would create 12 new jobs immediately, and expected to grow beyond 250 direct employees in the medium to longer term, Vitromite Ltd will be situated in one of the four aircraft hangars at the site, subject to the normal planning process.

A planning application has now been submitted to North Norfolk District Council as the relevant planning authority. Members of the public now have the opportunity to submit their comments on the proposed plans.

The revolutionary company is intending to bring vigorously tested, pioneering, sustainable production and employment through the sale of its product range. Orders have already been placed to satisfy well beyond the first year of production, based on the proposed initial planned capacity. This factor alone will allow constructors to meet the skills shortages they are currently experiencing.

Sales and development at the former base which will include testing, development and training will ensure a sustainable employment foundation well into the future and assist to improve the volume and durability of the existing housing market. It is planned that steady growth and expansion will take place locally, nationally and internationally, diversifying the employment and training map in many areas. However, with the continued support of Norfolk County Council, the company’s focus will be mainly on the former RAF Coltishall site and immediate area.

Spokesperson for Vitromite, Director James Howells, said: “We are eager to establish a permanent base at Coltishall. This will ultimately bring life back to this corner of Norfolk which has always been our prime choice of location. For a cutting edge new business such as Vitromite Ltd to be forever linked with an important heritage asset such as former RAF Coltishall is the wish of all of us at Vitromite and we have all worked very hard to get to this point.

“We are very aware of the heritage and heartfelt association around the globe of the site and any and all of our efforts will be complementary and respectful of the whole site and the surrounding communities. We aim to be ‘Low impact High output’ and a supportive neighbour to help fill the vibrancy and financial void left from the departure of the RAF.

“Badersfield is a developing community and deserves the opportunity of local employment both direct and indirect our aim is to provide this for many years to come.”

Bev Spratt, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Economic Development Sub Committee, said: “There is so much potential for the site and it’s really good news that we have a business close to permanently setting up their production in one of the hangars.

“The site is unique which comes with it its own sensitivities, but it is important that we push forward with business opportunities for the future success of the site and the county of Norfolk as a whole.”

In January 2013, Norfolk County Council took ownership of the former base, purchasing the 600 plus acre site for £4 million from the Ministry of Justice.

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