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Update from Norfolk County Council on LaFarge Lorries on the RAF Coltishall site

We would like to reassure residents in the RAF Coltishall area that no work of any kind will start on the aggregate extraction from part of the site until or unless planning permission is granted.

In fact, to ensure that all statutory consultees have had a chance to respond to the planning application before it goes to committee – and for more information to be received – the report has been put back to April 25. A decision on LaFarge’s application to extract aggregate from part of the site will not be considered by councillors until this meeting takes place.

We are sorry if the arrival of LaFarge’s vehicles onto the RAF Coltishall site have caused unnecessary anxiety for residents in the meantime. A number of LaFarge vehicles are being housed temporarily at the site prior to the launch of a new highways maintenance contract which the County Council holds with the company, starting on 1 April. The directional signs will be taken down shortly and the vehicles will have left the site by 2nd April.

My Objection to the proposed pavilion at Salhouse Primary School

County Councillor Mr T Garrod comments regarding Application: Y/5/2013/5012


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this application.

Throughout the report the impression is given that this proposal is intended to replace existing education provision that is already taking place in temporary mobile classrooms. However, the report also states in 1.3 that the pavilion will cater for childcare and “be made available as a local community resource”; therefore it is unclear weather the proposal is to permanently house existing activity that is already on the school site, or if it is to increase community activity on the school site. If the former, I would like to draw members attention to 6.10 where with respect to the school roll the Director for Children’s Services states that “there has been a decline over recent years”, and pose the question to committee members: Is it worth reducing the amount of playing field area for classrooms that may not have the demand to fill them in the medium to long term?

If the intention is to make the school more available as a community resource, I would draw members attention to 5.10 of the report where the Salhouse Village Hall Committee highlight that this will be in direct competition with the village hall. This poses the question: does this help or hider the message we are giving to local communities that they should be more self-reliant at this time of scarce resource in the Public Sector?

It is because of the reasons I have outlined that I hereby register my objections to this application. This, together with the concerns made by Salhouse Parish Council and local residents, gives ample reason, in my opinion, for the committee to reject this application

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